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metal fabrication

aluminum casting for sheida soleimani

Fire Lab cast 100 aluminum flowers for artist Sheida Soleimani's Armory Show in New York. For the lost wax cast aluminum process, Jamie added gaiting systems and created investment molds out of silica sand for 100 wax flowers. He then dewaxed the molds in the kiln, poured molten metal into them and let them cool before demolding and applying red dye oxide for petina.  

July 2023

fire lab foundry

Building the Fire Lab Foundry at Blue Hell Studio was a big accomplishment in 2023. It's part of our vision to make the fire arts and sculpture in permanent, traditional materials more accessible so that more stories can be memorialized. Interested in foundry classes? Email and look for info on winter classes at Blue Hell. 

metal sculpture

Jamie Payne works with lost wax bronze and aluminum casting, life casting and welded steel.

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