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Music Hall Finial Restoration

Music Hall's roof will be 'naked' no more after latest restorations

June 2021

Cranes are returning several 4-foot-tall finials to the roof line of Music Hall, one of the final elements of the iconic building to be restored to its original Hannaford design.

143-year-old Music Hall restoration project underway

May 2021

Music Hall, a National Historic Landmark in Cincinnati, is undergoing a facelift. And when you are working to restore pieces of a building that is over a century old, it takes some special skills and precision.

Music Hall Finial Restoration
Coshocton Art Show

ArtsConnect project is turning trash into art

March 2020

One man's trash is another man's treasure is an old saying proving true for the latest ArtsConnect project through the Pomerene Center for the Arts. Detritus is focused on turning recycling materials into works of art with one piece being installed May 8 at the artPARK on Main Street. Guest artist Jamie Payne has been working with about 25 students at Coshocton High School.

Food + Wine Classice Live Fire

Kitchen Convos Ep. 41: 2017 Cincinnati Food & Wine Classic 

October 2017

Luis Laya and James Payne of Fire Lab are the designers and master builders of Cincinnati Food + Wine Classic’s Live Fire Grill Pavilion. Hear their fascinating and unique story of how their desire to build a local community around the tradition of open fire cooking began with a challenge from their colleagues at Rookwood Pottery.

How Artists Can Help Remake a Town

April 2017

M.L.K Jr. boulevard in Covington is big, six-lanes-across big. Even so, the grand opening last September of the newly rehabbed Hellmann lumber mill—now artists’ studios, community meeting rooms, and CGN’s offices—was impossible to miss. After all, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. That day, the fire was built to roast pigs, okra, and corn dumplings—on special grills hand-forged by Fire Lab, a previous CGN grant recipient—for the kind of diverse, dynamic crowd civic organizations strive to attract and very seldom do.

Hellman Creative Community Center
DAAP Banjo Sculpture

University of Cincinnati professors challenged wood sculpting students to cut the cord

October 2018

"We were donated this 200-year-old piece of white oak, a cross cut out of it, and that just seemed to be the perfect shape and size," Payne said. "The class hollowed out the center of the wood with a bonfire."

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