A new generation of wood fire grilling equipment

Fire Lab believes that cooking is essential to freedom and self reliance, sharing a meal is the best way to build community, and that everything is better outdoors. All of us also have a thing for fire. We love how it warms and instantly takes you home. Our team is fascinated by how understanding its mystery is what made us human. We are determined to master its creative power to transform base material into beautiful, and useful creations: like our live fire feasts, and our Dragon Grill. Fire Lab is ever expanding its fleet of equipment inspired by the best grilling styles from around the world, but our Dragon is what will change home grilling forever. This thing is badass. It burns small pieces of wood in a gravity-fed combustion chamber that creates a high-efficiency, smokeless burn. Yes, we said smokeless. The idea for this clean-burning design came after we talked to a chef who spends $20,000 a year on firewood for a traditional Argentinian grill. That’s way too many trees! We knew we could design better, and so we did. The Dragon’s furiously hot, perfectly contained fire heats an Argentinian plancha and rotisserie for the best grilling experience you’ve ever had.  Follow us on social media and come to our next outdoor cooking experience to see and taste for yourself.