FireLab started with a party.

Our founders wanted to celebrate friends and family with an extraordinary experience where they handcrafted both the food, and the wood fueled equipment to cook it all. (That’s what happens when a sculptor and master craftsman teams up with an adventurous cook and inventor.) People gathered around the live fires in a parking lot in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati, and feasted on other worldly food that reflected our roots in Venezuela, Spain, and Sweden. We have a whole lot of fun transforming empty lots with a multitude of fires: filling them with wood smoke, music, and the laughter of people who just can’t seem to pull themselves away, even after the food is gone. It took just one of these guerilla-style roasts for word to spread. Chefs started asking for advice on their equipment, and to borrow ours. More people wanted to experience what we had to offer, and we were given the chance to debut our Dragon Grill at a free community event for the Center for Great Neighborhoods in Covington, KY. The fire drew people in from all directions, and 500 very happy people connected over a spectacular meal, straight from the heart and from diverse cultural traditions. We saw community coming together, and people positively drooling over our primal grill designs. So that’s what we’re here to do:

create transformative experiences and badass grills!